Transports Tresserras, a leading transport company in Europe, with 139 years of history operating in the sector, has received the international food safety certification IFS Logistics 2.1 (International Featured Standards Logistics).

Obtaining this demanding certification applicable in the transport and storage of food products is another step for the company in its maximum effort to exceed the quality standards of service to its customers.

In compliance with this regulation, control system of food products is guaranteed, as well as the processes both in the facilities and in the fleet of vehicles. All this under the control of trained personnel teams, which confirms the high level of professionalism.

The obtainment of the certification confirms Transports Tresserras interest in being at the European forefront according to the most demanding safety standards.

Thinking of guaranteeing food safety for the people who eat the food that we transport, at Transports Tresserras we have chosen to implement a food safety management system based on IFS (International Featured Standards) Logistics, version 2.1.

During the process of implementation that is starting, we will need to have the collaboration of everyone involved in our services.

The improvement of our services and direct attention to our customers is fundamental for Transports Tresserras, and we will continue to work in this direction in the future.